My work

I create elegant websites that serve you and your content, bringing your best work to the web and making it shine. I take care of the fundamentals so search engines can find you and build workflows tuned to the way you like to do things.

With over 10 years experience designing and building websites, I bring design and content together to amplify your web presence. I have an eye for the big picture, an ear for consistency and nuance, and meticulous attention to detail.

Adept at agile and iterative approaches, I work with creative individuals and cross-functional teams to build shared vision and bring stylish, findable websites to fruition.

In addition to my professional work, I've been an active contributor to peer-led online communities from Plone to Molly the Owl and Buddhist Geeks. I'm passionate about web culture and the open infrastructure on which it's built. I love helping others become contributors too.

A long-time secular Buddhist practitioner, I'm creative and conscientious in all the work I do. I thrive working in teams. Curious? Contact me!


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