My services focus on content, structure, and functionality, with an eye to the human and digital context of each project.


My projects start by clarifying project goals, audiences, and requirements.

To develop understanding of the project domain, I'll also conduct a competitive analysis and do design research. From this, I'll draft a creative brief.

Site Structure & Content

A content audit helps us assess available content and design assets, and identify what needs to be developed. This becomes a matrix for managing materials as we move through the production process.

From here, I'll create a site map and, in dialogue with you, refine it as we further clarify the needed content. I'll provide a plan for producing the content, and for maintaining and updating the site.

Functional Prototype & Visual Design

I take an iterative approach to both design and developing content. Starting with look-and-feel guidelines and draft content, I'll conduct research as needed for visual materials, select a theme, and build a prototype. When the prototype is functioning smoothly, I'll fine-tune the visual design.

Content Development & SEO

Depending on the needs of the project, I'll collect and edit the textual content for the site.

Websites need to play well with Google and other search engines to reach their intended audiences. I build sites and shape content with this in mind, including technical infrastructure, on-page optimization, Local Search, and integrated analytics. I also perform SEO audits for redesigns.

Content Migration & Launch

Once we're happy with the prototype, I'll migrate the remaining content, test the site, and provide training and documentation. Finally, I'll flip the switches to launch the new site. Live to the world.

Social Media & Mailing List Campaigns

On request, I provide coordinated social media strategy and design, and editorial support, including Facebook, Twitter, and electronic mailing lists.

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